Month: August 2004


Talent Auditions

Press ReleaseThe Flaxgold Entertainment Talent SearchNation-wide Talent Search Auditions kick off October 9, 2004At the Holiday Inn Express in Murphy, North Carolina from 9 AM until 5 PMFor further information contact RLBPROMO@AOL.COM LOS ANGELES-Flaxgold Entertainment, a Hollywood based sound-recording and entertainment and sports management company will launch its first nationwide […]


John Edwards and plaintiffs’ lawyers

Dear Sir or Madam, I believe that the presence of John Edwards on the Democratic ticket should bring to the fore the important issue of the damage that plaintiffs’ lawyers are doing to our country. I hope The Western Carolinian will give a good airing in its pages of this […]



Hello, my name is Eric Rothman and I have started a new t-shirt line called Rudewear. You can go to and see what you think. I would love to have an article in your newspaper about my clothes. I am a born and raised North Carolina man. I have […]