Day: November 7, 2013


Before They Were Educators: Dr. Elizabeth McRae

Dr. Elizabeth McRae, an associate professor in history, has done everything from working on a farm to bartending to teaching. As an Appalachian native, she grew up in a small town in Virginia named Pounding Mill. McRae stated, “It was interesting. Pounding Mill was known for the rock quarry that […]


Spanish programs rally, raise major numbers

After hearing the relieving news, the Spanish and Spanish education professors, including Dr. Santiago García-Castañón, department head of modern foreign languages and Spanish professor; Dr. Mark Couture, associate Spanish professor, rejoiced at the news that their programs were saved. However, García-Castanón did not celebrate for long as he went straight […]


Citizen Spotlight: Janice Edgerton

It is never too early to hand a book to a child and watch them as they begin to read the pages, opening their minds to the wonders of words. At their earliest stages of life, childhood should be when the words on a page of a book capture their […]