Day: December 17, 2013


Meet Paul Lormand

“That stage is sacred. It’s like church. There are some things that you just don’t do up there.” Those are the words of a Western Carolina University staff member whose love of theatre is his full-time occupation.    Paul Lormand, theatre manager and director of the Bardo Arts Center, came […]


Outdoor Excursions: Bad Creek Trail

There are no shortages for places to hike here in Jackson County and in the surrounding areas. The winter months are a great time to see beloved hikes in a new light.  A favorite of this reporter’s is the Bad Creek Trail that leads to Ellicot and Commissioners’ Rock. This […]


Before They Were Educators: Dr. Marianne Hollis

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tenn., Dr. Marianne Hollis, associate professor and masters of health sciences program director, has always had southern roots. Hollis explained how her great grandmother was five years old when Sherman marched through Atlanta and burned it down. She still has family living there today. After […]