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  • Student Showcase: Olivia Mears

    Student Showcase: Olivia Mears

        Coming from Laurinburg, NC, Olivia Mears, a senior art student for Western Carolina University, will be show casing some of her creative art work at this years’ spring student art show. After four long years of hard work and dedication     Mears will be graduating from WCU in December 2014.

  • Meet Dana Sally, Dean of Library Sciences

    Meet Dana Sally, Dean of Library Sciences

    Western Carolina University has recently given the position of Dean of Library Sciences to Dana Sally.  He has come to the university from the University of West Florida.  This is not the only place he has worked.  This is not his first job working in the University of North Carolina system.

  • Western Carolina University beats mountain-rival UNC Asheville

    On Tuesday April 1 the Western Carolina Catamounts hosted mountain rival, UNC Asheville.  The Catamounts welcomed back former Catamount and current UNC Asheville coach, Tom Smith.  Smith is a 1976 graduate of Western Carolina University. The top of the first inning featured 1 run and 1 hit for the Bulldogs.

  • Student Showcase: Allison Taylor

    Student Showcase: Allison Taylor

    From the small town of Mount Airy to the beautiful campus of Western Carolina University, Allison Taylor, has pushed herself through four years, not given up, and has come out at the end soon to have a degree in business management.  WCU was the second college she visited when looking for a college to call her home for four years.

  • Taste Buds: O’Malley’s Pub and Grill

    Taste Buds: O’Malley’s Pub and Grill

    First opened in 1996, O’Malley’s Pub and Grill has since grown to be one of the most popular hangouts for locals, college kids and out-of-town visitors. When first inside, there is a large, open dining area that leads to the bar section. Their bar-room, decorated with photos, neon beer signs and various décor, features a huge room-length bar with upwards of fifteen seating stools.

  • Meet Carol Burton, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies

    College is a time of change and new beginnings, and no one quite understands this concept quite like Carol Burton.    Native born of London until her parents moved back to Jamaica when she was a teenager where she went to an all-girls private academy, Burton was sent off to Western Carolina University when she was eighteen.

  • Taste Buds: South of Philly

    Taste Buds: South of Philly

    A small café bustling with the sounds of busy workers, eager customers and an alluring aroma of the best Philadelphia Cheesesteaks located anywhere in the south. This is what you will encounter when you visit Sylva’s own South of Philly. Located in the 44 E Sylva Shopping Center, South of Philly brings you the best Philly Cheesesteaks in the south that you will ever eat.

  • Before They Educators: Hollye Moss

    Before They Were Educators: Hollye Moss

    Dr. Hollye Moss is the department head for the Global Management and Strategy Department here at Western Carolina University, and has been since she got here in 2002. Moss was born in Martinsville, Va., which she describes as “a little bitty town halfway between Greensboro and Roanake, Va.

  • Meet George Frizzell: Special Collections Head

    Meet George Frizzell: Special Collections Head

    Special Collections on the second floor in Hunter Library consists of manuscripts documenting southern Appalachian life and natural history, with more of a focus on Western North Carolina. The head of Special Collections name is George Frizzell. Frizzell joined the staff in 1982 as a research assistant and then became head of the department in 1989.

  • Meet Paul Lormand

    Meet Paul Lormand

    “That stage is sacred. It’s like church. There are some things that you just don’t do up there.” Those are the words of a Western Carolina University staff member whose love of theatre is his full-time occupation.    Paul Lormand, theatre manager and director of the Bardo Arts Center, came to Western Carolina University when the Bardo Fine and Performing Center, then known only as the Fine and Performing Arts Center or FPAC, was still under construction.

  • 'All aboard The Polar Express'

    'All aboard The Polar Express'

    Bryson City may be a small town, but it is the perfect place to spend the holidays this season. With a plethora of events, activities and places to visit within its heart, a favorite is the Polar Express sponsored by The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad.

  • Citizen Spotlight: Mike and Lisa Potts

    Citizen Spotlight: Mike and Lisa Potts

    Nestled in the quaint town of Dillsboro, there is a cozy white house that is open nearly every day of the year, which celebrates one of the most iconic seasons of the year. Since 1969, Nancy Tut’s Christmas Shop is the perfect place to find just about any ornament anyone could possibly want.

  • Citizen Spotlight: Janice Edgerton

    It is never too early to hand a book to a child and watch them as they begin to read the pages, opening their minds to the wonders of words. At their earliest stages of life, childhood should be when the words on a page of a book capture their imagination.

  • Before They Were Educators: Dr. Elizabeth McRae

    Dr. Elizabeth McRae, an associate professor in history, has done everything from working on a farm to bartending to teaching. As an Appalachian native, she grew up in a small town in Virginia named Pounding Mill. McRae stated, “It was interesting. Pounding Mill was known for the rock quarry that was near, and I grew up on a sheep and cattle farm.

  • Taste Buds: Main Street Bakery and Cafe

    Taste Buds: Main Street Bakery and Cafe

    It is a scene that comes straight from a movie. The downtown bakery that holds a collection of delectable pastries, lunch and friendly faces that greets you as soon as you walk through the door. Main Street Bakery & Café in downtown Sylva is just that place.

  • Taste Buds: Dillboro Chocolate Factory

    Taste Buds: Dillsboro Chocolate Factory

    Located in the heart of Dillsboro, the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory is sure to have something to tickle your sweet tooth. Started in 1999, the factory was originally located across the street from its current location, which it moved to in 2004. After two previous owners, Tonya and Bob Williams and Tammy Sessoms currently own the chocolate factory and have for seven years.

  • Apple Harvest Festival celebrates apples, amazing food

    Apple Harvest Festival celebrates apples, amazing food

    On the colorful fall day of Oct. 19, the town of Waynesville held the Apple Harvest Festival. According to, this year marked the 25th anniversary of the Apple Harvest Festival. While celebrating this delicious fruit, the festival also exhibited the many talents of the local crafters, as well as rejoicing in the scrumptious food that was there and gave the opportunity for people to come together and show their heritage.

  • Meet Dr. Patsy Miller, program director at Biltmore Park

    Meet Dr. Patsy Miller, program director at Biltmore Park

    Dr. Patsy Miller, program director of the Western Carolina University Programs at Biltmore Park, has been at Western Carolina since 1984. Before she came to WCU, Miller originally lived in Ridgefield, Conn., a town that borders the state of New York.

  • Service Learning: Haywood County Meals on Wheels

    Service Learning: Haywood County Meals on Wheels

    Haywood County Meals on Wheels has been making its mark on Haywood County, serving their fellow citizens for 38 years.    According to Jeanne Naber, the director of Haywood County Meals on Wheels, the organization started in the year 1975. Since its beginning, the program has expanded continuously.

  • Citizen Spotlight: Jeff Brotherton

    Citizen Spotlight: Jeff Brotherton

    Recently retired Army veteran Jeff Brotherton opened Mudpuppy Furniture on Old Cullowhee Road. Mudpuppy Furniture is what Brotherton describes as a used and re-purposed furniture store.    According to Brotherton, after he retired from a 33-year military career in December of 2012, he spent a little time “taking it easy.

  • Taste Buds: City Lights Cafe

    Taste Buds: City Lights Cafe

    The smell of cinnamon fills the room as owner Bernadette Peters moves around the kitchen. A relaxing ambiance embraces you as you wait for your order. A group of ladies reads over the menu, deciding what they want. City Lights Café is, in our opinion, the perfect place.

  • Before They Were Educators: Dr. Mark Holliday

    Before They Were Educators: Dr. Mark Holliday

    Dr. Mark Holliday of the mathematics and computer science department teaches computer science at Western Carolina University, as well as conducts research on database systems. Before he came to WCU, Holliday traveled around and engaged in software development for places such as NASA.