WCU Athletic Director Asks for Spirit Group

Jeffrey Compher, WCU’s athletic director, is hoping that the students of Western Carolina University will pull together to work with him in order to start a spirit group for WCU athletics.

Compher and WCU’s SGA president, Jonathan Rowe, have been discussing the idea for some time. Compher came to WCU with the idea that he wanted to create a spirit team but wanted to leave it up to the students to create. Compher feels as though if he leaves most of the planning to the students, the students will be more enthusiastic about the group and its activities. “If I tell them what to do, if I set guidelines and tell them how it is going to be, then the students will most likely not be as enthusiastic,” said Compher.

Inspiration for the group was not hard to find. Compher compares what he wishes for the group to become to groups such as the “Wake Whackos” at Wake Forest University and the “Open Doors” at Vanderbilt College.

Compher also said that he would like to be involved at the beginning in order to give suggestions and help things get off the ground, but after the initial period, the students will control things on their own.

“These groups are made so that the students will help build morale and in exchange the faculty will give them things such as special sections in the stadium,” said Compher. “If the students wish to have a section set aside in the stadium, then that is their decision.”

Compher has not come up with a name for the group due to the fact that he feels the students should suggest and decide that matter. However, Compher has mentioned the need for a name to SGA and expects to have a few suggestions on the table very soon.

Compher is asking for student volunteers both to advise as well as simply participate in this group. The group will meet as soon as there is enough student interest.