About Us

Western Carolina University students write, edit, and produce The Western Carolinian as a monthly printed publication and as a virtual news site to serve the information needs of WCU students and others interested in or involved with the catamount community.

The First Amendment and the public’s right to know guarantee the right to a free press at Western Carolina University. The Editor-in-Chief and newspaper staff are fully responsible for generating the content of the paper. All others should recognize the right of the Editor-in-Chief and newspaper staff to operate a free and responsible press.

Since 1933, it has been the mission of The Western Carolinian to serve the Western Carolina University community by providing thorough coverage of news, sports, entertainment and culture relevant to current themes, topics and trends within this community. In addition, The Western Carolinian strives to provide a place for all opinions to be recognized and supported, and to do this in as respectful a manner as possible. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of journalism by providing coverage that is accurate, unbiased, and in the interests of the public.

All students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcome to submit articles to The Western Carolinian. Formatting should follow opinion formatting and/or include sufficient sources for facts quoted. All submissions will be edited and are subject to approval from the Editor.

For a full list of staff contacts, please visit our website here.

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