The Mad Batter Gets Phatter

By now most people know where The Mad Batter is, but do they know WHAT it is? The Mad Batter is a bakery and coffee shop run by Jeannette Evans, who is also the owner of the sweet smelling establishment. With muffins, European style breads (such as baguettes, focaccias, and challah), cookies, cinnamon rolls, coffees of all kinds, smoothies, and much more, the Mad Batter is a delicious way to start off the day. Whether you wake up at 7:30 or noon, there is always something fresh waiting for you and your taste buds.

The small but successful bakery has been located on Centennial Drive, between the floral shop and the barbershop for about three years. BUT NO MORE!!

The Mad Batter is moving next door to what was the floral shop. This new space will allow for a larger seating area and more room to maneuver. Because of this new, larger space and thus a larger overhead, prices will go up twenty-five cents.

Evans has big plans for this new space, which is nearly double the size of her old shop. A small stage is being erected for the occasional musical performance; there will be more seating, with bar seats at the windows and a few new lunch items. Focaccia pizza is just one of the many ideas swirling around in her head.

This phatter Mad Batter will also be selling some retail items, more specifically, locally created goods, such as oils, candles, blank books, pottery, soaps and incense.

One thing that will be staying behind in the move will be bagels. “NO MORE BAGELS!” Evans proclaims loudly. Bagels will be replaced with Mad Morning Buns, baked fresh every day.

“It’s not going to be a BIGGER business, it’s going to be a BETTER business,” stated the proud owner, who has no intention of vastly expanding the menu, as it’s quite a job to bake all that she has fresh every day. “Hopefully it will be more efficient.”

To show her appreciation to her loyal regulars, and to the occasional drop-ins as well, Jeannette Evans, the mad batter herself, has pronounced the last day of fall semester a customer appreciation day, with everything 50 percent off.

The Mad Batter is open from 7:30am to 6pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays.