Construction on Dodson Gazebo at a Stand Still

On the 13th of June, R.G.E. Associates began making improvements to the lobby of Dodson cafeteria and preparing for the placement of a metal pavilion or gazebo in front. They will continue their work through December, with hopes of completing the project in mid January.

Amanda Leller is among many students who assumed the crew had ceased working all together. “I thought they stopped working when it turned cold,” said Leller.

However, Andrew Comrie, director of WCU’s Physical Plant and the person overseeing the construction, explained that the crew does not have some of the necessary materials for the pavilion or the pavilion itself. “We are waiting for the pre-cast concrete benches and the pavilion to arrive,” said Comrie.

The idea behind the pavilion is to draw the attention of students and others and have a central place for them to gather.

The crew also plans to construct a covered walkway leading into Dodson.

Changes made to the lobby of Dodson include new entry doors, replacement of lights, installation of carpeting, a nice paint job, and drop ceiling.

The price tag of this work is $200,000. Money from the cafeteria maintenance fund was used for this project.

Pending the arrival of the necessary material, the work should be completed by mid January.