Reader Finds Article Appalling

This is in regard to: Past-Prime Rockers Should Hang Up GuitarsBy Eric Newsom – Staff WriterWestern Carolinian. January 24, 2001. Vol 65, Issue 17, pg. 8

I was appalled at this article, the writing was like that of a grammar school child. How dare he stand there and slam people that he perhaps has never heard. I was at a show just this past weekend the entire auditorium was packed the ages in this ranged from 5 years to 65 years of age, perhaps older, All three bands received a standing alleviation it was one of the strongest performance’s I have seen, including the new bands that I have had the opportunity to watch over the last year. I understand it is his opinion in this article, but truly no one likes to read trash such as he has written. I certainly hope he isn’t there for a career in journalism because if he is, he may want to change his path.

There will always be people out there that want to see these bands, and as long as their the auditoriums are full they will keep on touring. Just really sad that people such as the person that wrote this article not only slammed the bands but anyone who enjoys the music. I honestly think it was not only in bad taste, but a serious injustice to those who love the music, there are a lot of memories in the music that is what makes it truly great to see and hear. A lot of new bands out there make wondering how the hell they are making money? But just because I dont like them doesn’t mean someone else wont. Just a matter of Opinion is all. And just for the record, I am sure that the person that wrote this article will never see the fame or the fortune that any of these bands have claimed. And until he does if he ever does I suggest he take a whole lot more journalism classes.

Thank you for letting me voice my opinion in regard to the moron that wrote this article!

Tammy W