Carolinian’s New Look Draws Praise

Dear Editor-

Kudos to the WESTERN CAROLINIAN on their new website! As Western advances into the realm of education coupled with technology, there becomes a need to reflect our performance in the University’s websites. Many of you will notice a new design on Western’s homepage ( very shortly–and much thanks goes to Bob Orr and Jed Tate, along with their support, who have worked hard to make an impressive design. I believe it will better reflect what our campus is about.

Some may be wondering, “Who cares how our website looks! I mean, who’d look US up anyway?” Well, believe it or not, there are hundreds of folks who visit our cyber spaces every day. I have had the wonderful opportunity to design two websites on the University servers (with a third on the way), and have seen visitors to our web pages from China, France, Germany, Bermuda, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. That’s not to mention people from various other educational institutions around the state and nation who have taken a peek at what we do.

Indeed, there are lots of people looking at what we do here at Western. And many of our web pages do not reflect the professionalism that is available in person on Western’s campus. I hope that both the CAROLINIAN and Western homepages inspire other organizations on campus to bring their websites up to par with the excellence reflected at Western.

Again, great job, CAROLINIAN!

Regards,James Hogan