Day: February 12, 2001


Historic Heroes and Legions of Evil in Night of the Living Dead

“Night of the Living Dead” (1968)Written by John Russo and George RomeroDirected by George RomeroStarring Duane Jones and Judith O’DeaAn Image Ten Production Ah, Valentine’s Day – dozens of roses, heart-shaped boxes of candy, cute little teddy bears, shiny new jewelry, and flesh-eating zombies. Well, maybe not. If you do […]


The Carolinian Staff Announces Album of the Year Nominations

Dawn Pasley, News Editor I feel like a badass just listening to this CD. Every song is about something related to sex, drugs, or the rap-star lifestyle, but mostly drugs; namely, marijuana. It’s not a bad thing, though, because Nelly’s clever rhymes bring a touch of humor to the subject […]


Chancellor’s Speaker Series Welcomes Famed Attorney

As a continuing part of the Chancellor’s Speaker Series for 2000-01, WCU will welcome Alan Dershowitz, a famous legal scholar and best selling author, on Thursday, March 1. Dershowitz’s fame has come in part by the fact that he has defended such well-known and controversial clients as O.J. Simpson, Mike […]