IFC Votes on All Greek Parties Resolution

The Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) recently voted to only allow members of fraternities and sororities to attend fraternity parties.

This resolution, which would begin a trial period after Spring Break, was designed in response to low fraternity recruitment numbers, according to Luke Dean, president of the IFC. Only about 30 men attended this spring’s IFC “smoker” or information night, in which all the fraternities gather together to disseminate information to prospective members.

Two years ago, over 75 men came to the smoker.

Since neither fraternities or sororities can pledge first-semester freshmen starting next fall, Greek organizations are concerned about their numbers. Dean said that the resolution is designed to give students an incentive to join a fraternity or sorority.

“If we keep allowing just anyone to come to these parties, what is the motivation to even join a fraternity?” said Dean.

Dean stressed that the decision was made to simply try out the idea, determine its feasibility, and work out any problems that may arise.

Several ideas have been tossed around concerning how members of Greek organizations will be identified to gain entry to fraternity parties.

According to Josh Paris, rush chair of IFC, each brother of a fraternity that is holding a party is allowed to invite two other fraternity or sorority members.

Delegates from each of the Greek organizations will be on hand to work the gate at each party, said Paris. Each organization will submit a list of its members and new members, and if an individual’s name is not on any of the rosters, the individual will not be let into the party.

Litta Adams, president of Panhellenic, the governing body over the sororities on campus, supports IFC’s decision.

“I think all-Greek parties will be beneficial to the university for safety reasons,” said Adams.

Adams expressed concern about the students from Smoky Mountain High School who come to fraternity parties and are at risk for alcohol poisoning or other consequences of drinking irresponsibly.

Both Adams and Paris hope that the switch to strictly-Greek parties will strengthen the Greek community at WCU and allow all fraternity and sorority members to form a closer bond.

“I just believe that it will do a lot for this Greek system to go to Greek-only parties,” said Paris.