A Vegetarian Diet For Lent 2001

Reviving the ancient Christian Tradition of abstaining from meat consumption during Lent. We respectfully invite all Christians to use VDLENT2001 as a period of reflection and prayer for all the innocent creatures currently condemned to the slaughterhouse and/or factory-farm.

GOD willing VDLENT2001 will help you make a permanent switch to a healthy and compassionate meat-free diet. Try it. You’ll be amazed by the physical and spiritual benefits.

As a contemporary adaptation of an ancient tradition, we respectfully invite each participant to adopt a vegetarian diet for each and every day between Ash Wednesday (28th February) and Easter Sunday (15th April).

Lent is a sacred and spiritual period for Christians the world over. Lent not only reminds us of Christ’s undying love, but helps us to empathise more closely with His sacrifice too. Greater empathy with Christ, gained during the Lenten period, allows us to be more receptive to the needs of our neighbour. As Christ taught us our neighbour is s/he who suffers. Are there any that suffer more than those condemned to the slaughterhouse? Lent provides a perfect opportunity for us Christians to reflect on the plight of our defenceless neighbours; especially our neighbours condemned to face the indignity and horror of the slaughterhouse.

A Vegetarian Diet for Lent. Simply an experiential opportunity or perhaps even a transitional period. It’s your choice…….


Antony Neeshamwww.vege-consciousness.org