Health Nugget


– A recent study showed participants scored higher on creativity tests after exercising than they did after watching a “neutral documentary.” (American Heart Association)

– In 1999, 61% of Americans were either obese of overweight.

– Over 600 students each year come to the WCU Counseling Center to receive services such as individual counseling, groups counseling, emergencies counseling, consultation, course/university withdrawals, and assessments.

– About a third (31%) of WCU students have not had a drink in the past 30 days.

– Each pound of fat contains the equivalent of approximately 3,555 calories.

– People who eat breakfast score higher on tests.

– Up to 250,000 deaths occur per year (12% of total deaths) due to lack of regular physical activity. (American Heart Association)

– Daily physical activity improves ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep well.

The Intramural Sport, Fitness, Health Services and Counseling Services Programs are sponsoring the “WCU Health Nugget” to provide information relating to student needs, values, and wellness.