ServoPay-Per-View of the Year

The results are in and the winner of the best Pay-Per-View of 2001 is WWF’s No Way Out. Yeah, I know I may seem a bit premature in my assumption. For those of you that didn’t see last Sunday’s PPV, however, I suggest that you save your money to purchase the video or DVD when it comes out.

The Hardcore match was impressive, if not predictable, with The Big Show taking the gold. Stephanie and Trish was the sleeper hit of the night, showcasing some impressive moves by these ladies. Steph defeated Trish thanks to interference by Steven Regal.

Of course the Fatal Four Way for the Intercontinental Title between Jericho, Benoit, Gurerro, and X-Pac was a show stopper. These guys had so many near-falls it made my head swim. Jericho defended the title, but I expect these four to feud well into Wrestlemania.

Finally, The Rock has become a six-time World Champion. This latest title reign by The Rock broke the record set by Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart for the wrestler with the most world title reigns. Kurt Angle may have lost the title Sunday, but his reign as WWF Champ was the longest since Shawn Michaels three years ago.

I know that last month I said that the Jericho/Benoit Ladder Match would be an early contender for the Match of 2001, and I still stand by that opinion. But after seeing HHH and Austin put on not one, not two, but three incredible matches last Sunday, I believe the Ladder Match has some stiff competition.

HHH scored the victory in this two out of three falls match, but Austin held his ground by winning the first fall in the straight wrestling match. The Street Fight match for the second fall reintroduced the 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire made famous by Mick Foley. With the help of that weapon and a sledgehammer, HHH won the second fall.

The third and final fall took place inside a steel cage. Again the 2×4 and sledgehammer came into play as both combatants, battered and bloody, struck each other simultaneously with their weapons. Both were knocked out cold, but HHH fell on Austin, getting the 1, 2, 3.

If this is a glimpse of things to come from WWF, I am really looking forward to Wrestlemania. We will see if The Rock and Austin can pull off another great PPV match.

The PWF officially got started last Wednesday in the sandpit of Reynolds. The opening match-up pitted light heavyweight champ Thug against Violent Society member and half of the Tag Champs, Kris Kage. It looked like all was in Kage’s favor when he was blatantly attacked by his own tag partner, Empire, allowing Thug to successfully defend his title.

I’m not sure why Empire would choose to screw over his own partner like this. But to add insult to injury, Empire then proceeded to rip the tag titles apart over the unconscious body of his former friend as Thug joined the Violent Society in Kage’s place.

The next match was for the Hardcore Title between Hellraizer Brett Knight and myself. Because I felt I no longer had the motivation to compete with the rest of the PWF roster, I resigned from the PWF. However, before I could leave the ring, Knight attacked me. After a few minutes of complete domination by Knight, I blacked out.

The next thing I remember was waking up backstage. Hook informed me later that I just snapped. It took the entire Violent Society threesome to take me down and secure the win by Brett. I’m not sure what happened, but I assure you, Servo is no longer a wrestler in the PWF. I’m just a reporter.

Out of respect for each other, Kudzu and Pure Talent squared off in a friendly bout. However, this match was anything but friendly as these two attempted to prove to one another that each was the superior wrestler. During the match, an unknown assailant assaulted Kudzu with a chair, allowing Talent to secure the victory.

Since Hook won the title, The Violent Society has been on his heels. This time, the new self-appointed leader of the Society, Empire, challenged Hook to a title match. To ensure that the VS did not interfere in the match, Pure Talent was the special guest referee/ enforcer. Little did Hook know, Pure Talent was in league with VS.

Thanks to some interference and with the help of Pure Talent, Empire succeeded in ending the reign of Hook as the World Champ.

Now with Thug, Knight, Kage, and Empire, the Violent Society hold every title in the PWF. Can the remainder of the PWF roster dethrone this dominant faction? Find out this Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. in the Reynolds sand court.