Racism in America

I am writing this letter to inform the public of a recent story in the news that I read about. The story was dealing with racism in the United States, and how the people of the country are looking at it in a superficial way. Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., delivered a message at Christ Fellowship Church on February 25, 2001. She states, that people are looking at racism at the surface, and not in the interior. She then states that through genuine relationships, fellowship begins. Well what is one to do, if you are not given the opportunity to create a genuine relationship? Every day I walk into my school, and I see a mix of different ethnic groups, this mix does not make me assume an opinion about anyone. Nevertheless, while sitting in class I tend to find myself being looked at and judged not on my mentality, not as a person, but as a color. This kind of behavior not only makes me look at that person with stupidity, but it also shows me that there is more than one side to racism. I don’t think that this behavior is fair, because to overcome racism, both sides need to compromise, and if one side can’t see the better of the other, then the problem will never be solved. I think that over time, the history of the past, will deteriorate and people will start forgetting these racist feelings, and for once in history everyone will be able to live together, as Americans, not as color groups.

Misty Burgner