Focus on Crime, not Personality

Dear Editor,

I would just like to respond to the two letters written by Darlene Brown and Melissa Cochran. I have finally found someone that agrees with me. What kind of bull crap sentence is the one that Christina got for the murder of her newborn baby girl. She got the same sentence that someone would get for selling drugs, how ridiculous is that. What has our society come to, but I guess since she was such a “good” girl, that she gets let off easy. So if Christina so did not want this baby, why did she not either give it up to adoption, have an abortion or just plain and simple, she should not have opened her legs in the first place if she did not want a child! Its pretty easy to prevent making a child. This whole situation has angered me in a very big way, especially how the society is acting over it. I think that there should be stronger sentences and laws for the murder of a newborn child. Enough of the bulls—! Enough of the excuses, we need to face reality and look at the actual crime she did and not for who she is!

Amanda Telford