Response to Partying, Drugs, and Wal-Mart

I read the letter to the editor “Partying, Drugs, and Wal-Mart: A Concerned Student Addreses Cullowhee Culture” and I still didn’t get the whole idea the author was addressing because he tended to contradict himself and blame everyone. What was his main point he was trying to get across? That the University is at fault for the students, that the students are at fault for the University, or was he just letting off steam? Whatever his messege was I want to address a few things he said. The article said that this is a party school and that people come here to party and that’s all people come to this school for. For one, I think that that statement is solely based on opinion, yeah this may be known as a party school depending on who you are asking, but I know plenty of people who didn’t come here to party, they actually came to LEARN- there’s a concept. In the article it stated that students are wasting their life away in a hole in Western Carolina, well heres a quick fix- go somewhere else. Why do you stay here if you hate it here so much? There are plenty of schools you could go to in the middle of big cities where there is plenty to do and plenty of Hooters and clubs. As far as the statement of “As long as there is free time and a needful desire for pleasure, drugs will be used” I say there are a million other things to do besides drugs, I’m in the same school with all the students who choose to use, and I have all kinds of time also, but it’s a choice to use and not everyone with time on their hands chooses that road. Then you follow with a statement of bringing more businesses to this school, which I agree with, but then you state bringing Hooters and dance clubs- were you not just complaining of having nothing to do but party and do drugs, and about this school attracting people to come party, do you not think that having more places to go party and do drugs will defeat the purpose of getting more legitimate businesses to come to this school, and will end up attracting even more students who want to party. Didn’t you want more things to do around here besides partying? I do agree with you on the University charging to much for the little things, such as food and parking-if you gave us enough parking spaces we wouldn’t have to park illegally. The University could use some refining, and I think most will agree on that. But as far as the University taking away from our “meaningful experience” I don’t agree. It’s the individual person who makes or breaks what they get-or don’t get- out of any experience. I don’t mean to crack on anyone or any group, so please don’t think that I am, I just think there’s two sides to every story.