University Apartments Could Improve Campus Life

To whom this may concern,

As a student here at Western Carolina University, I think that opinions from the students on how to improve the campus facilities are beneficial and my suggestion is to have apartment housing on the campus. Having apartments on campus for students is not extreme at all. Many colleges have this priviledge of living in an apartment on campus and I think it would be another step in the right direction for WCU. Housing in an apartment on campus is not that farfeched. It may take lots of money, time, and space, but if I’m not mistaken, I think we have all of those. The question is whether it is ok to take a student, who has heard this suggestion all over campus, and understand that this would be another advantage in bringing more students to WCU. Having to drive five minutes to your house or apartment gets “old” and Western is becoming a “new” and improved college, so why not add a few apartment buildings or even condo style homes? Having this access of living on campus and not have to be in a dorm, is a process that is not going to happen overnight of course, but it is something to consider for the future. This suggestion is just something that has been talked about all across campus and I think it should at least be considered as many other things are as well. If I’m correct, this is a state governed school and may not be able to have the choice of more housing on the campus, but there is nothing wrong with trying to get out of a cracker box room into a nice place and still be on campus. If there are no restrictions to build housing on the campus, then what is the hold up? Students pay a great deal of money to come to college and I think that having a good place to live in effects many people’s choice on whether attending WCU or not. The dorms are ok, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the choice of dorm room or an apartment or condo to live in?

Some people say that living in a dorm will build character and personality and help you deal with problems , but I think as a college student we have enough problems other than living in a hole in the wall and learning things to become a better person. Overall, look at what building apartments will do for this campus and then look at what it might hurt, and compare.

Nicole Loggins