Just Change the Damn Channel

It confuses me how someone can be so offended by something that means nothing to them. Why is is that people in this world always feel the need to slander something that many other people enjoy, just because they do not approve of it.

If pro wrestling offends you so much that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, quit watching it. There’s no reason to ruin it for the people that do enjoy it. There is a bold assumption being made that young men and boys get off on watching silicon filled women run around the wrestling ring like pieces of meat… but let’s be real. Is there anything being shown on a WWF show that even compares to what is available on the internet? Hell no! I think the real problem is that some women who are not confident in themselves, wish they could look like the women that run around the wrasslin’ ring. If people that you don’t know, don’t respect, and don’t care about, can offend you so deeply, you need to re-evaluate your priorities in life because you have a long and sad road ahead of you.

Another thing… these women that are on these shows; is anyone holding a gun to their head to be in the line of work they are in? These women stay in top physical condition while being on the road 350 days a year. They work very hard and get paid very well for what they do. These women are hard working professionals that give up a lot of their life for their careers. When their scantily clad bodies offend you, do some research on how hard they work to stay fit. I think that any woman that goes through the work that these women go through should be proud of their body. If it was my mom or my sister out there, I would be proud of the work that they do, especially if they are enjoying it.

Funny how our dear online editor fails to mention that the men on the WWF shows run around in tighy whities all night long. The difference is that I don’t give a crap what they are wearing. I don’t try to look like them. I don’t try to act like them. I am perfectly happy with who I am and therefore I am not offended by them.

I’ve watched soap operas before. 95% of the storylines in a soap opera are based on sex, drugs, abuse, and affairs… please explain to me how that is any more acceptable than pro wrestling where 50% of the show is sport and theother 50% is blatently fictitious storytelling. Would you like to know why I don’t write articles about the dirty stuff on afternoon TV? Because I don’t care enough about it to give it a second thought!! People enjoy soap operas… a lot of women enjoy soap operas. If they enjoy it, let them enjoy it. Who am I to speak badly about something that other people enjoy. To each their own.

Would you believe that I don’t even watch wrestling anymore?! I’m just sick of people bitching about stuff that other people enjoy. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you think these people are so stupid, don’t allow them to offend you. More importantly, don’t ruin it for the people that do enjoy it. Perhaps the best way for you to pay homage to Women’s History month is to find your confidence from within and ignore the crap the world tells you to be.

-Justin A. Quigg”the sexiest man alive”