Singer and Folk-Theologian ‘Live and for Free’ in Cullowhee

Ed Kilbourne’s performances are much like Jesus’ teachings: Live and for Free. And on Sunday, March 25, Kilbourne will bring his folk style performance to Cullowhee.

Kilbourne, a singer and folk-theologian, is known for his ability to combine acoustic guitar, keyboards, and singing in a story-telling style that has been likened to that of Garrison Keillor, the Minnesotan radio humorist famous for his stories of ‘Lake Woebegon.’

Kilbourne began his music career in the early ’60s, singing in folk groups in both high school and college. Since then he has made over 7,000 solo appearances across the country and recorded 20 albums in the past 35 years.

His story-telling style brand of folk music deals with many issues that face the church today.

According to Frank Padgett, minister of the Cullowhee United Methodist Church,

“Kilbourne has a way of cutting through false piety and religious lingo and rhetoric.”

In addition to being a performer, Kilbourne is also a United Methodist minister, and his wife is the director of the Master’s of Arts in Christian education at Pfiffer University. Despite being a Methodist minister, he has performed for churches, colleges, and in conference centers for United Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Baptist, and Catholic traditions.

He will be performing his act “Live and for Free” on Sunday, March 25, at the Cullowhee United Methodist Church located on Central Drive on the Western Carolina University campus at 7 p.m. Kilbourne will also be the guest preacher at the 11 a.m. worship service at the Cullowhee UMC.

If you need more information about the performance call Cullowhee UMC at 293-9215.