Student Comments On Workload

Dear Editor:

This week is the final week before spring break. The thing that makes this week one of the most feared weeks is the tons of work that is thrown at students. One thing that makes it so much different is the fact that the kids can’t wait to get out. This alone gives all the students a laid back attitude. Mix that attitude with one of the most work filled weeks of the year and you get a lot of worrying and headaches. All I know is that I can hardly stand all the work that they are throwing out at me. I really don’t understand how the teachers can think that it is easiest for the students if they give it to you right before spring break. It is obvious that the teachers are just trying to make it as easy for themselves as possible. I am just frustrated that they throw it all on the students at once and make it incredibly hard to deal with. I can honestly see how a student can ruin their GPA with one week full of work. You could end up getting bad grades for the semester, solely off of midterms! It is difficult to describe to someone how hard it is for a student that has a part time job, or is in a sorority or fraternity, or plays a sport to do school work in the first place. I can just hardly wait to get through this week of absolute misery. Something really needs to be done about this week of the year before it gets out of hand. It is almost to the point where you can’t even relax during your spring break out of fear for grades. It is horrible!!!

Concerned studentTodd Roper