Valuable Ring Stolen from Dodson Work Site

Workers at the Dodson pavilion reported last Wednesday that an aluminum pressure ring had been stolen from the site.

The ring, specially manufactured for the pavilion, was made of polished aluminum and is valued at $3000.

The ring was designed to be part of the structure of the pavilion’s cover, which was made in sections radiating from the center of the pavilion. The ring’s purpose was to hold the sections together, said Andrew Comrie, director of the physical plant.

The ring was left outside Dodson, unsecured, in a pile of materials for use in the construction.

“The materials were delivered, and the contractor wasn’t ready for them,” said Comrie.

The contractor must have another pressure ring manufactured, and this may or may not delay the completion of the project, which was originally intended to be complete last summer.

At present, workers are laying the brickwork of the pavilion, since the return last week of the brick mason, who had been absent for several days.

Director of Public Safety Gene McAbee said that stealing metal is “big business” for individuals who will then sell the metal to companies that can melt it down and make it into something else, and the pressure ring could sell for a few hundred dollars.