Reader Finds Letter ‘Repugnant’

I would like to respond to the letter written by David Marriott in the March 28, 2001 issue of the Western Carolinian.

Mr. Marriott, I am appalled at your arrogance and lack of self-control. I also find it amazing that, considering where you are in your educational career, you seem to be unable to construct a coherent sentence. Most of what you wrote amounts to senseless drivel — an unending stream of fragmented sentences, undignified word usage, and incorrect grammar. Sadly, your ill-written letter reflects badly on all education majors, who are among the best students on this campus.

I do not know Brian Harkins, but I find your character assassination of him repugnant. Much the same can be said for your derogatory remarks about Dr. Neff, the Western Carolinian, the radio station, and all WCU faculty and staff in general – not to mention your fellow students.

As for your remarks about the parking situation on campus, as far as I know, you have never purchased a parking sticker and have been parking illegally on campus since your arrival here. I suggest that you first purchase a parking sticker like the rest of us before you begin complaining about the parking situation.

I will admit that the educational programs available here at Western are among the best in the nation. However, one should be careful in purporting himself to be better than anyone else when he cannot construct a coherent sentence and has the unmitigated gall to believe that he has rights no other students are given, such as parking in areas designated for faculty and staff. You are not better than anyone else, Mr. Marriott, much as you would prefer to envision yourself as such.

Being mature has very little at all to do with playing sports, hence I do not understand your reference to rugby and Ivy League schools. Maturity has to do with your level of understanding of human worth and dignity, your ability to rise above any struggle, your sense of fairness, and your recognition of the value of yourself and others around you. I would question, Mr. Marriott, whether you have evolved to that level.

Change begins with one person and, however much you would prefer it not to, it does require hands-on involvement. Much of our world does indeed involve politics, but it is pointless to assault us with insufferable vitriolic verbiage when you yourself are unwilling to commit to helping us make the changes you seem to feel are necessary. Because your letter is so poorly written, it is difficult to ascertain exactly what changes you propose, if any.

Though I am a female, I believe I can take “my bashing like a man.” I am a survivor of more battles than you have seen in your short lifetime. I am also aware that who I am is impacted by every person with whom I have contact. I love the “noise” my students make; I miss them when they are not around. The fact that I am a secretary in no way reflects my intelligence, my purpose in life, or my value — any more than being here 7 1/2 years denotes a person’s inability to graduate.

In closing, Mr. Marriott, I would like to remind you that all students are important, regardless of whether it takes them 4 years or 7 1/2 to graduate. You cannot possibly know their personal situations, or the reasons that may have caused them to be here longer than you deem necessary. And yes, Mr. Marriott, you too are important, despite the fact that I believe you still have a great deal to learn, not the least of which is how to write a coherent letter.

Merry G. Broughton