Carolinian Should Cover Community, says Reader

Dear Editor,

I am writing concerning an assignment in one of my classes. Our class was asked to write a letter to the editor concerning our opinion about the Western Carolinian. We were ask to discuss one aspect of the paper that we would change and one thing about the paper that we most enjoy.

The only one thing that I myself think that the paper could possibly work on would be the percentage of the paper that you use to concentrate on sports. Since this is the only paper that some off-campus students have access to, I would like to see more articles on the community. In some of your issues, I found three to four pages deticated to sports, maybe some of this room should be deticated to the off-campus students.

One of the positive aspects of the paper is the weekly wrestling article. I am a hardcore fan of wrestling, and with basic cable in Cullowhee, I am unable to see all of my favorite shows during the week. This article keeps me informed.

Overall, I think that you are doing a great job at informing our college community. Please continue the good work.

Thanks for your time,Amanda Williams