Carolinian Can’t Fix Campus Issues

Dear Editor,

Recently the Western Carolinian seems to publish similar complaints. We all know that our eating situation is poor, that weekly our newspaper publishes rubbish, that our radio tends to sound better when there is dead air, and that ” There’s nothing to do”. But complaining to a campus newspaper that has no control over these situations does not achieve anything. There are different ways to voice opinions on how to improve our local entertainment, dining, and, media. Going to SGA meetings, creating petitions, writing the radio station are options of ways to change things. Making complaints to a newspaper about these situations is irrelevant, go to the source. Not condoning poor quality material, but only the newspaper can change by complaining to it.

While on subject, my suggestions to you Mr. Editor are as followed: (1.) Find things that are interesting to report on, as long as you do not you’ll still receive opinions. (2.) Write on topics about the subject matter. March 21 there was an article entitled, “Another one bites the dust” Intro promo comes true for WCW ” that was lacking tact on the sports subject. I thought that this was in the “What’s on Tonight” television listings.

Truly,David Greene Jr.