Communication falls Short Concerning Food Service

To the Editor:

I believe their needs to be better communication between students and Aramark, (Foodservice Taskforce Assembled” March 28, 2001). Clete Myers, Food Service Director, stressed that he is ‘open to constructive criticism that students have to offer.’ So why don’t people stop complaining to other students and make a complaint to those who are in authority to change the circumstance. So many times I have walked past people eating and they are complaining how much they hate eating on campus because of such things as the high prices, small proportions, and cold food. And I to agree that the food here on campus could be improved. People need to realize that you aren’t home where your mother is cooking those delicious home cooked meals.

Myers made a comment that the managers are always willing to hear what we the students have to say or questions that we may have. So my point is, if you have a problem with your food talk to the managers and offer ways to make the quality better. This is the only way food services will change here on campus.

Sincerely,Linda Moore