Reader Encourages Fisherman, Others to Clean Up the Tuck

This Saturday, April 21, 2001, the 17th Annual Tuckaseegee River Clean-Up will be held. Sponsored by the U.C. Outdoor Program and Last Minute Productions, the clean up should be attended by all fishermen.

Those of you who spend your Saturday mornings fishing, it is your duty to join the long list of concerned students and Jackson County citizens that take time out of their busy schedules to give something back to their community.

This clean up gives us the opportunity, as fishermen, to prolong the environment we so enjoy. We are not going to be around forever, and if we do not get full participation in the clean up, the fish and beautiful surroundings of the Tuckaseegee River will also be gone.

I understand that many of you do not fish. Well, if you enjoy tubing, kayaking, rafting, or jumping off the rope swing behind the rock pile, below Sig Eps, it is also your duty to attend the clean up. We take so much from the river isn’t it time to give something back?

Last year, there were approximately 500 people from the community and the college who attended the clean up. I would bet that there were a few slacking fishermen and water-puppies that were too hung-over or got up too late to attend this environmental outing. This year, make it a point to hit the sack early and make it to the U.C. Lawn by 11am.

This year, the U.C. Outdoor Program and Last Minute Productions will offer T-shirts, door prizes, and a cookout to finish off the evening. I also heard that there would be a few “hidden eggs” along the way for lucky volunteers.

There will be no charge for this free day of rafting and socializing. So, if you are a fisherman, rafter, kayaker, or just love the water, this is a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation for this area and river that so many of us love to use.

This Saturday, April 21, 2001 will be your chance to give something back. Don’t waste it! See you at the U.C. Lawn at 11am.

Wes LedfordSeniorCommunications-PR