Chancellor Presents Awards

The Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award was announced Friday, April 27, at the General Faculty Meeting and Awards Convocation in Coulter Recital Hall. Chancellor Bardo also announced several other awards given this year to faculty and administrative staff. The nominees for the teaching award were James Costa, assistant professor of biology; Kathy Ivey, assistant professor of mathematics and computer science; Terry Nienhuis, associate professor of English; and LeVon Wilson, department head and associate professor of business law.

The Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award went to Kathy Ivey who has been teaching at WCU since 1994.

“My main goal as a teacher is to provide the framework that allows my students to grow and to improve their skills, knowledge, and understanding of mathematics,” said Ivey. “This framework includes a variety of assignments, an inclusive classroom atmosphere, and respect for each student. My approach to teaching can be summed up by four principles: I like my students; I want them to succeed; I believe that they are capable; and I push them to give their best effort.”

Bardo mentioned that in her portfolio when she was hired, Ivey wrote, “Teaching is not something I do. Being a teacher is who I am.”

This award was established in 1976 and offers the greatest honor for teaching excellence. The winner is chosen first through nominations by students and faculty members, and then by a review of teaching techniques and portfolios. The recipient receives $1000 dollars and an engraved plaque.

The other awards presented Friday include the Board of Governors’ Award for Excellence in Teaching, given to Gayle Miller of the English Department; the Collaborative Education Experience Award, given to Mary Kay Bauer and Martin Fischer of the Music Department; the University Scholar Award, given to Rob Young; and the Paul A. Reid Distinguished Service Award, given to Ben Ward, a member of administrative staff and Al Wiggins, assistant professor in the Communications and Theatre Arts Department.

Wiggins said about his award, “I am deeply honored. I’ve done many things and have many titles, but the one I am most proud of is assistant professor of communication and theatre arts at WCU.”