Reader Advises Students to ‘Stand up and Be Heard’

Dear Editor,

I am a junior here at WCU and have been reading the Carolinian since I got here. I am always looking forward to each weeks issue. I have always been impressed with the staff that come into play each year and who help the Carolinian succeed. I would like to see more articles dealing with the student organizations and how they are helping the community. Lately, I have only been reading articles that really do not concern any of the students, but the person who is writing it. For example, Matthew Kennedy’s article on student revolutions. This school is a growing school and since I have been here, it has gotten so much better. There is a lot of student involvement going on on campus each day. People who say there’s not, they are the one’s who stay in their room or apartment and complain about the school. But they never do anything about it. I am on Western’s Tennis team, an Executive officer of a sorority, participate on the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, along with being involved in many other organizations on campus.

If students want something done, they must stand up and be heard. I would like to see more articles focusing on the good that the student body does. For example, all of the community service that goes on every weekend and fundraising that many student organizations put a lot of time into and receive very little recognition. Overall, I love reading the Carolinian each week and think all do an outstanding job. Please try to work on placing positive, not negative stories, on the front page. I believe the student body’s attitudes are based on what they read from the Carolinian. Thank you for your time and listening ear. Keep up the hard work!!!! Thanks,Emmy King