What happened to campus radio?

I was doing campus radio recently for 2 years. Back in 98, and before that, it used to be fun. The point of college radio is to learn to be a dj, and to have fun. I remenber doing all request shows at night, and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing all night. People made it a point to listen to z91, and would make it a part of every party. We played music that the demographic (persons 18-34), wanted to hear. Top 40, rap, r&b, alternative, and even stuff like Brown eyed girl. Now it is like nobody listens anymore, since the “CHANGE” to power 90 dot 5. No college student wants to hear butterfly kisses.. i think that they have all the stuff needed to blow that city up, but the people behind it “JUST DON’T GET IT”. They are trying to play music that the local people want to hear, so the company owners will buy advertising in Sylva… That’s not cool… You have like ten thousand students that don’t get any other radio station but the campus one and you are totally blowing them off for a couple of bucks!!!! Get it together and make that station BUCKWILD like it can be and throw a party on the radio every night, and make the students feel like they are part of the station, and you can’t go wrong!! I would love to see it take off in the right direction again!!!