A Tribute to Corinne M. Quick

Dear Editor,

Some of us are fortunate enough to meet someone so full of life. Someone who lights up the room just with a smile or a little laughter. For many of the students, faculty, and staff that person was Corinne M. Quick.

Corinne was a Nursing student here at WCU. She was so excited about becoming a nurse. She worked as a CNA in Labor & Delivery at Mission Hospital in Asheville. After a brief illness she left this world on the morning of August 18, 2001.

As a close friend to Corinne I am left with so many questions? Why Corinne? Why such a wonderful person? Why such a horrible sickness? Why my best friend? They say that the hurt will go away. It has been almost a month and the hurt and pain is still very new.

Those of us who loved Corinne are comforted by the fact that Corinne is no longer hurting or in pain. We know that she is with us each day. She is there helping us through our daily routines. We know that she is laughing with us and holding us while we are coping with her passing on. She is smiling down on us everyday.

Corinne was an angel to many of us and she will never be forgotten. To Corinne’s family I send my thoughts and prayers. To the WCU Community I send my friendship.

To Corinne: This isn’t good-bye. It’s see you soon! WE LOVE YOU!

Sincerely,Stephanie Nixa