Jeepers Creepers Botched By Cheesy Ending

I went to see Jeepers Creepers this past week and found it to be a good movie. The filming is amazing, especially during the exciting car chase. The special effects are truly great, as well, such as in a turning-point scene set in a chapel.

The thing that displeased me about the film was the ending. I don’t know if they ran out of money by the time they got to this point or what, but I felt that Jeepers Creepers was botched only by the ending.

Trish (Gina Phillips) and Darius (Justin Long) are a brother and sister who are driving home from college in an unidentified rural state. Their normal sibling banter is interrupted when they are nearly run off the road by a large, old truck. After seemingly forever being harassed by it, the truck suddenly leaves them alone.

Shortly thereafter, they see the same truck parked. Nearby, a man is throwing large bundles wrapped in white sheets, which are tied with rope and covered with red stains, down an old vent shaft at a church. When they go back to investigate and Darius discovers the most horrifying thing he can imagine: the Sistine Chapel of horror.

They get back into the car and drive to a gas station where they receive a very creepy phone call from a woman who tells them in detail what Darius saw, even though they haven’t told anyone yet.

She also tells him to beware of cats.

Darius hangs up and hears commotion from a witness who said that she saw a man smelling his laundry, as if he was trying to get a scent, and then threw his remarkably rank clothing all over the parking lot. The police then follow Darius and Trish down the road, where the police are attacked. They find the head of one of the cops on the ground and two seconds later they see the face of the guy who is suddenly trying to kill them.

They gasp as they realize he can’t possibly be human. They drive off to an old woman’s house to use the phone. It just so happens that she has several cats. Finally, they spot the killer in the lady’s cornfield.

The rest is what I feel botches the movie, I think it is depressing how good this movie would have been without such a cheesy ending. The acting was surprisingly first-rate without the film having any big stars, and the direction was dead-on.

However, because of the ending, I can only give this movie three bundled bodies out of five.