“Liquor by the Drink” Poll Results

The Western Carolinian’s poll in our last on-line issue asked our readers how they would vote, or how they will vote, in this fall’s county referendum concerning liquor by the drink being sold in Jackson County.

Hundreds of people, including students, alumni, faculty, administrators and members of the community visit the WesternCarolinian.com everyday. Here are the poll results:

79% voted yes, that they would vote for liquor to be sold by the drink in Jackson County.

21% voted no, that they would not vote or encourage liquor to be sold by the drink.

Not a surprising result to most, but remember that the readers that voted are not all students.

The Western Carolinian will be covering local elections this fall in Jackson County and will have more information on the results of the upcoming referendum at that time.

It should be noted that this same referendum has failed once already, but voting officials say that voter turnout was very low that year.