Theta Xi Camps out for Disaster Relief

The Theta Xi Fraternity held a campout to raise money for the American Red Cross last week.

The money was sent to aid the Red Cross in the efforts to provide relief to those affected by the recent terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C.

The fraternity was able to raise $1,548.15 over the three-day period, and sent the money to the Asheville-Mountain Chapter of the American Red Cross. They began last Monday and remained until late Wednesday evening, manning their table and tents with at least three and as many as 25 brothers at a time.

Mark Degan, a brother of the Theta Xi fraternity who headed the philanthropic event, discussed how all of his brothers were anxious to do whatever they could to assist the rescue and recovery efforts.

“It was seeing the attacks of New York and D.C. and being in shock,” he said. “We were just looking at all of this and saying ‘What can we do?’ The most practical thing to do was to try to raise a couple extra bucks to help them out.”

Theta Xi was helped by many other organizations, especially other fraternities and sororities, in their quest to help those in need. Degan was especially surprised at the amount other groups were willing to help.

“Well, when we first started the fundraiser, we invited out all organizations to help us,” he said. “Then all of the sudden we got help from Sigma Chi, IFC, AZD’s, DZ’s, and a whole bunch of others. But most importantly we just got help from the everyday student.”

The help from other organizations included large monetary donations and posters to put around campus. Many other students stopped and gave time as well, helping to make ribbons or man the table.

Degan commented that the most rewarding aspect of the experience was seeing how much students in the WCU community were anxious to help in giving to such a cause.

“It was awesome to see the everyday college student just empty their pockets and their wallets,” he said. “I mean, we’re college students and we’re poor.”

The fraternity would like to thank all students, staff and faculty who helped them raise such a large monetary donation to the American Red Cross.