Western Carolina’s Aramark Service

TO Whom It May Concern:

I have to say that I am pretty pissed off regarding our food service here at WCU. Lets face it, the variety of food, and the service we get sucks to say the least. I mean sure we got the UC, Dodson, Brown, Cyber, and Sbarros, but how much do they offer us?? Granted when Little Ceasers left, I was so happy, but is Sbarros any better?? You know at least Little Ceasers did not screw up our orders, and the majority of the time, when we ordered food we got it, even though it sucked. I am here to tell you, the past 4 times I have ordered food from Sbarros, it has either been the wrong order, or I have not recieved it. I am so tired of people saying “Hey, what can I do to make it up to you?” Does give us better food and better service or leave mean anything to you people?? Granted I am bitchin at Sbarros particularly, but everybody knows that service and variety everywhere else here on campus sucks too. Brown has shown a vast improvement over last year,(The hot dog bar, and the mexican saute RULES!!)but what about the UC, and Dodson?? Are they any better?? No. It is the same crap, snappy old women, no variety and cold ass food, and I am tired of it. If Western wants to charge us ungodly amounts of money for meal plans, I think we should get better food and service. I am asking all of you that have been pissed about the food situation here, and have not said anything, to speak up. If you have raised hell over it before, raise it again. Go to every damn manager here and tell them how bad the greul they make us eat is. Tell them how shitty the servers are. Tell them how you are tired of ordering pizzas and either getting the wrong one, or not getting it at all. Tell them about how we cant afford the high prices of food here, and when we can, we expect it to be wholesome, hot, tasty, and halfway decent to eat. If you want things to change, you gotta start by speaking your mind. So get off your asses and let your voices be heard!! Thank you for your time and attention on this matter.

Brian Johnson