Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Yesterday a male co-worker asked me (the staff nutritionist) what I thought about the editorial recently published in the Asheville-Citizen Times on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show aired on television. Before I even started reading, he told me he thought the author had “gone too far”. With that information, I wondered why he was even asking my opinion, but I have given it some thought, and formulated a response:I didn’t watch the fashion show on TV, but if I had, I imagine it would have made me feel more self-conscious about my body, as I cannot compete with those models. However, I am a strong advocate of free-trade, and do not think these types of programs should be banned from television. What bothers me is that men advocate for their right to have their sex-drive catered to without giving any thought as to how this might affect women – women in their lives – their wives, children, mothers. It is this cruel selfishness that never ceases to amaze and disappoint me. As hope to my fellow women, I want to thank my husband for encouraging me to submit this editorial.

Karen WhiteNutritionistWCU Heath Services