Reply to the Sucky Food on Campus

I am writing with regards to a letter written about food on campus. I fully agree with what was said. The food on campus is just plain shitty. It sickens me to think of the choices we have here on campus. Just how much junk can a person consume in a semester? I have no clue what happened to Dodson, but the change did NO good. There are no better choices offered, I honestly think they are worse than before. I thought Little Ceaser’s was bad but shit I hadn’t eaten the pizza at Sbarro’s. The staff needs a class in communication skills because the majority of them are lacking. How rude can one person be? Another problem I see is that the University is jacking up the prices to use our money. If they expect us to pay what we are then the food needs to be a hell of alot better. A 12 pack of coke’s $8 – you can go to Wal-Mart and buy two 12 packs for that. They just keep ripping us off and until we stand up nothing will be done.