Dole Visits WCU

Elizabeth Dole, Republican candidate to replace Sen. Jesse Helms in one of the two North Carolina senate seats, visited WCU this past Thursday, January 10.

“We were ecstatic and honored that Elizabeth dole could visit the campus, and that SGA and College Republicans could collaborate to help educate faculty, staff, administrators, and, most importantly, students about the senate race,” stated SGA President Jesse Lyons.

“This was not a partisan event,” Lyons continued. “All candidates are being contacted to come to Western, so that all views can be expressed.”

Several Democrats have surfaced in the race, including former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles.

Democrat Elaine Marshall, NC Secretary of State, is also planning to run.

“Depending on which candidates are brought in, SGA will work with both College Democrats and College Republicans,” Lyons said.

Dole so far has raised around $2.5 million for her campaign and plans to officially announce her candidacy on February 15 in her hometown of Salisbury.

Under North Carolina law, anyone planning to vote in any election in the state must register at least 25 days prior to the election.

A voter registration booth was set up for Dole’s visit, and will be again for all other candidate appearances at WCU, according to Lyons.

If anyone would like to go ahead and register, or would like more information on registering, please contact SGA at (828) 227-7299.

For more information on Elizabeth Dole, visit her campaign’s web-site at