Jackson Primary Date Still Undecided

Officials with the Jackson County Board of Elections still aren’t sure exactly when the Jackson County primaries will be, but say they should know the date by this Thursday, April 4.

Voters in Jackson County will be voting for a number of positions, including Clerk of Court, Register of Deeds, Sheriff, County Commissioners, including chairman. On a state level, voters will be voting for seats in the NC Senate and the NC House.

Students can register to vote by getting forms from the Library, SGA or from the Jackson County Board of Elections office in Sylva behind the old courthouse. People may also register on-line at boe.jacksonnc.org.

Students who are from different counties can register and vote in Jackson County on the Jackson County ballot. Students who want to vote absentee ballot for their county should contact their county’s Board of Elections to receive a ballot and for deadlines to register and vote.

Only one person is currently running for both the position of Jackson County Clerk of Court and Register of Deeds. Frank Watson, Jr. is running for re-election as Jackson County Clerk of Court. Joe Hamilton is also running for re-election as the Register of Deeds. Both are Democrats.

Four people are running for the District Two County Commissioner seat, two for District Three and two for District Four. Dodie Allen Blaschik, a republican, Maurice K. Moody, Frank Burrell and Brian McMahan, all Democrats, are running for District Two.

Joe Cowan, a Democrat, and Linda Belcher, a Republican, are running for District Three, and Eddie Madden, a Democrat, and Arnold Nicholson, a Republican, are both running for District Four.

Gene Robinson is running against Martha Cabe Queen, who is running for re-election in the District Two School Board race. Districts Three, Four and Five have only one candidate a piece, and no candidates are currently listed for District One.

Five men are running for Jackson County Sheriff, one being the current sheriff, Jim Cruzan, a Democrat, despite rumors that he would not run for re-election in this race. The other four candidate voters have to chose from are Jimmy Ashe, Larry Bryson, Joe Frigo, Jr., all Democrats, and Curtis Lambert, a Republican.

Once a date for the Jackson County primaries is known, it will be posted on the web at www.westerncarolinian.com, or you can find it and more information concerning this year’s local elections at boe.jacksonnc.org.