Dear Kitty, My girlfriend is constantly nagging me about being on time. But if she is the one that is late, she expects me to wait on her. Sometimes I get over to her house and she is just starting to get ready. I end up waiting in front of the tv with her roommate for at least an hour and a half before she is even ready to go, and If I get upset with her she gives me the cold shoulder all night . Usually if we’re going out to dinner with friends, she’ll ignore me all through dinner and treat me like I am the one that screwed up. We have been going out for two years, but I don’t know how much more I can take. I try to be nice to her but she is really making it hard and it’s wearing me out. Ropes End

Ropes End, Now first off, have you told her how much it bothers you when she is late and that she gives you attitude when you are late? It sounds like she’s forgotten that a relationship is all about compromise and not all about her. You need to tell her that it bothers you when she is hypocritical, and it hurts when she gives you the cold shoulder for doing the same things. About breaking things off…Is something as petty as being late or her being mad at you for being late enough to call off a two-year relationship? I know she’s stressing you, but try to be honest with her and see where that takes the relationship. Love, kitty

Dear Kitty, Last week I got over to my best friends house and I think I saw my boyfriend’s car pulling off just as I turned onto her street. I tried to catch up but it was already too far away. Should I spy on my boyfriend and try to catch him over there or do you think I should just tell my best friend I saw him leaving her house the other day and see what she says? Help me Kitty, I don’t know what I should do. WP

Dearest WP, The most important thing in any sort of relationship is communication. Before you start going all crazy you need to just keep it real with your best friend and your boyfriend. Simply ask your friend if your boyfriend was over there. Remember to try and be amicable. There is no need for attitude or anger. You don’t know that your boy is running around behind your back, and you never know they could be planning you a surprise party or something really cool. So try and keep your cool and not jump to conclusions. If you don’t feel satisfied with your friend’s answer, then ask your boy if he was there. REMEMBER: You don’t want to accuse either of them of anything. Afterall, would they be your best friend or your boyfriend if you didn’t love and trust them? Love,Kitty

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