CAMPUS VIEWS – “Are you for or against the US going to war with Iraq?”

I am between. Yes, I want our country to go against one of the leadingterrorist countries in the world. However, the thought of war isunsettling. No one can know what to expect when it comes to warfare.- Amber B. | Pharmacy

I am against going to war because people will die.-Yi D. | Accounting

I am against going to war with Iraq because I feel that President Bushis only doing this because he feels he needs to ‘finish’ his fathersfight with Saadam Hussein.- Rebecca E. | Undecided

The president has not given the country concrete reasons to go to war. Right now, his plans are based on hunches and probabilities. Withoutthe support of the country, he shouldn’t be sending anyone to fight.- Cameron H. | Business

Yes, I am for the going to war with Iraq. Far at least a decade theIraqi regime has been at large and it is a world threat. Even withouthaving intercontinental range of missiles Hussein is still a threateven to his own people. He must be dealt with accordingly.- Matt H. | Electronics Engineering Technology

I am for the US going to war, because there is plenty of evidence toconvict Saddam Hussein.-Josh L. | Business

Yes, but at the proper time and with the support of other countries. We have countries that support us and the Iraqis’ time is running out.-Ryan R. | Environmental Health

I am totally against war for any reason. If we would mind our ownbusiness in the first place we wouldn’t have the problems we have. Plus, gas wouldn’t be costing almost two dollars a gallon.- Tamika S. | Elementary Education