Response to Equal Ink – Against War

Allen Taylor’s opinion in this past week’s edition was certainly well thought out and written, but I feel, had some major flaws.

Mr. Taylor based much of his column on U.S. opinion polls today, stating that fewer and fewer (yet still a majority) feel President Bush is handling the economy well. He feels Bush is focusing on possible war, and that we should forget war and focus on the economy.

If President Roosevelt had listened to the public opinion polls in 1941, he would have focused on the economy and we never would have entered WWII. If that had happened, I dare say we would not be better off today than we were sixty years ago. It takes courage for a president to tell our troops to face possible death for freedom, but there are times when it must be done.

Many against war in our country are saying, “If we go to war with Iraq, we will surely see more terrorist acts against our country.” Were we at war with Iraq on September 10? Terrorists will only stop if we stop them. If we do nothing but “try to understand why they hate us so much,” we will surely be attacked again and again. We ARE their enemy, and they believe we must be destroyed.

War with Iraq (more properly – with Saddam Hussein) is a blow against terrorism that will surely keep some future attack against innocents (his own people included) from happening.

If we believe, as Mr. Taylor seems to, that the United Nations can settle the problem, he is sadly mistaken. The U.N. believes in “keeping the peace.” But peacekeeping NEVER stops evil dictators like Hitler, Slobodan Milosovich and Saddam Hussein from commiting horrors against their own and other people to gain the power they crave.

Bob Sabin – ’71Marietta, GA