TO: Editor (Not for Publication)


In just a few short weeks, the ritual of school will come to an abrupt end for thousands of college graduates, followed by the reality of the permanent daily grind of the work world setting in.

However, the first major hurdle will be their successful incorporation into the world of work as they compete with a number of prospective employees, both recent graduates and seasoned workers.

And, with the unemployment rate being at its highest ever, nothing about the process will be easy in landing career employment.

I am a business owner and business writer, with my work having been published worldwide, in both online and print publications.

I have recently authored a 624-word article regarding a critical element that prospective employees should embrace within their interview process, yet, rarely do.

Titled, “A Critical Element on Getting Hired,” I would greatly appreciate your consideration of its publication as a guest article for the benefit of graduate candidates within your readership, in exchange for its accompanying byline.

In advance, thank you.


~ Kenny Love

P. S. If you would be interested in reviewing links to past articles that I have written, please inform me as such.