Christian Hate

I am a freshmen, Christian, student that attends Western Carolina University. Recently I was invited to attend a prayer meeting with the Campus Rock Christian organization on campus. This is a large group of students that say they share the “love of the lord.” During the session the prayer leader spoke about the second chance prom which was a formal dance that focused mainly on the invitation of gays and lesbians. The prayer leader spoke highly against it and made the comment that being against hate crimes towards gays and lesbians only promoted the behavior. During the open prayer time the group all spent a lot of time asking the lord to turn the gays and lesbians’ acts around. I was appalled at this subject of prayer and left the meeting with no feeling of love. I know that the Christian belief is to not agree with the act of homosexuality but it seemed as if they were promoting hate crime against homosexuals. I am a Christian heterosexual and thru my beliefs I know that God is indeed a loving God the only one that can truly judge any one’s actions.