Campus Views – What effect will the war with Iraq have on terrorism?

What do WCU students think about the war in Iraq? WC newsmagazine asks, “What effect will the war with Iraq have on terrorism? Will war with Iraq, make or break future peace around the world?”______________________

Campus views-

“I feel that the war will show terrorists and terrorist nations a like that the threat of terrorism will not be tolerated. The United States and coalition forces will not hesitate to attack those who threaten peace in the world. I feel that after this conflict has ended and all the dust settles people will begin to understand that what the United States will have undergone in Iraq was a necessary effort. Sooner or later peace will be achieved, however, if terrorism still thrives,conflict will always be there.”Ben B. | Communication

“I believe that, if anything, the terrorists will strike harder because many disagree with the war. I don’t think peace will appear until another solution is made.”Kevin B. | Graphic Design

“I think that the war will cause more terrorism, and no I do not think it will break future peace around the world.”Chanel C. | Undeclared

“I believe the war with Iraq will send a message to terrorists that we will not tolerate them. The war will eventually make peace by forcing leaders to decide if they are on the side of terrorism or peace.”Lamont J. | ECET

“I believe the war with Iraq will decrease terrorism because people will begin to realize the benefits of this war and support the United States’ goal to make the world a better place.”Jennifer H. | Marketing

“I think the war on Iraq will liberate the people. This war on Iraq will endure freedom for many countries around the world and free the countries of the fear terrorism has called up for many, many years. We may never get to see the attack of terrorism again once this war is over because this war will get hopefully get rid of terrorism.”Crysta R. | Nursing

“I believe that it will increase terrorism because we are upsetting a lot of people with this ‘war’ even those who were once our allies. I also believe that the war will break future peace around the world. America has entered an unjust war. If countries as powerful as ours are allowed to fight such wars, then what hope does the future hold?”Rebecca T. | Political Science

“I don’t think that the war will have any positive effect. It will leave nothing but a bitter after taste in the mouths of people across the world. Those who win will feel empowered for beating up a smaller, less powerful country. Those who lose will feel the need to somehow settle the score. Either way, when war happens no one really wins. It is a shame that to fight for peace we must first kill.”Gene W. | Science Education