clean air

A new report was recently released from US PIRG showing power plants in North Carolina and across the Southeast are still among the very worst in the country for pollution. The report, Lethal Legacy, underscores the urgent need for our Senators to take action to reduce pollution, support strong national 4-pollutant proposals and reject the President’s “Clear Skies” plan. Unfortunately, the President’s plan will not offer timely improvements in air quality or reductions in CO2, the leading cause of global warming, and would further undermine progress made here in NC to clean up power plants.

Just a few days ago, Senator Dole received more than 2,300 action cards asking her to support proactive federal multi-pollutant legislation that would truly protect the Great Smoky Mountains. Throughout the summer, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, a regional clean air and energy advocacy group, gathered over 6,800 citizen action cards for Senators Frist (R-TN), Dole (R-NC) and Alexander (R-TN) through their Great Smoky Mountains Clean Air Campaign. These constituent communications substantiate the urgency and importance of clean air for thousands of North Carolinians as well as visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains, one of the main engines of tourism for our state.

With North Carolina now in possession of some of the strongest state air policies in the nation, the quality of our air now depends on ensuring that our neighbors are held to equal standards, like Tennessee Valley Authority and Southern Company. Air pollution knows no boundaries. It is time for Senator Dole to show us leadership to clean up power plant pollution across the country. Our families’ health and quality of life depend on her.

James Gooch

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

29 North Market Street, Suite 604

Asheville, NC 28801