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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 9,2004Betsie’s Literary PageUSA (1/24/2004) ***** Claudette Milner’s novel, Children of Plains Estates is the perfect definition for the melting pot called “America.” Excerpt:On a church camping trip, Debbie reveals that her mom is really in a rehabilitation center and is an alcoholic. Everyone has been led to believe that Mrs Colbert has been away on business since they moved into Plains Estates. Why now is Debbie sharing this secret with her friends? Her mom is coming home and her family will have to begin to confront not only their lies to the community but also their innermost fears and emotions. The Walkers are faced with the most difficult decision of their life. Should they tell Tammy that she is adopted now that her birth mother wants to meet her? How will this affect their family? Tammy’s birth mother is happily married now and making a good living. Does she really want her child back? Will the return of Tammy’s mother break up the Walker family

Warning: This is not an average book for juvenile readers. It confronts racism, alcoholism, child molestation, interracial dating, spouse abuse and divorce. It educates children about sickle cell anemia, AIDS and down syndrome. Children of Plains Estates opens the forum for children and adults to open a frank discussion about stealing, drugs, death of a loved one, adoption, peer pressure, baptism and the role of the church in today’s society. The book is subtle and thought provoking letting children draw their own conclusions about the contents of the book.

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From the mouths of Babes! Betsie’s Literary PageUSA (1/24/2004) ***** Claudette Milner’s novel, Children of Plains Estates is the perfect definition for the melting pot called “America.”

The story unfolds among the children and parents of Plains Estates subdivision. There are two schools that these middle aged children attend, Radcliffe the prestigious private school and Glendale public elementary. The author reveals the differences, fears, and challenges of these families through the eyes of the children. In spite of their diversities, the children develop close friendships, which cause them to share the family secrets with one another. The parents concern for their own children cause them to bond and seek solutions for these problems, for the sake of the children.

During several community and school activities, it is discovered that Debbie’s mom is an alcoholic, Rita has sickle cell, Tammy is adopted, and Stacey, a Radcliffe student has aids. Also one of Radcliffe’s top athlete’s is dealing drugs! To add insult to injury, the school board has allowed the enrollment of an African-American student as well. The author brilliantly uses simplistic views and emotions of children to expose “our” prejudices, bigotries, and unfounded apprehensions based on lack of knowledge and understanding of cultural, racial, physical, and psychological differences.

I applaud you Ms. Milner, this novel; “Children of Plains Estates” could easily be viewed as the poster child for diversity training. It causes one to reflect on what individual adjustments can be made to ensure peaceful harmony in the face of diversity. Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds

A reviewer, a teacher, February 6, 2004, Simply Brilliant *****Children of Plains Estates is unique in many ways. It does what no other book for juvenile readers dares to do. It confronts issues that society deals with on a daily basis and in simplistic language. The children in the book are from different cultural and class backgrounds. Their schools are different and their backgrounds but no family is protected from the harsh realities of life. This book is entertaining and educational. Ms. Milner deals with issues like domestic violence and child molestation in both a sensitive and compassionate way while offering an understanding of these great social ills. I recommend this book for children as well as parents. There are important messages in this book that we all need to learn.

A Must Read for Adults and Juvenile Readers, January 7, 2004 *****Reviewer: Charlene Straughter from Detroit, Michigan United States

Children of Plains Estates is a multicultural book that focuses on issues concerning juvenile readers. It is entertaining but also educates children on issues of concern including AIDS, racism,child molestation,drugs,and peer pressure. This is a rare book that examines not only childhood relationships but how parents confront their own issues of prejudice and social problems. This book is a must read for children and their parents. There are no solutions presented by the author. The reader must draw his or her own conclusions based on their own values. I highly recommend this book.

Author: Claudette Milner was born in Fort Riley, Kansas. She was a former educator at Watterson College and Community Reinvestment Act Officer for Liberty National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky. Ms. Milner has been nominated for Poet of the Year for the second consecutive year by the International Poetry Society. Ms. Milner currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

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