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Local Author Releases New BookTHE CONVICT SPEAKSA Psychological/True Crime Book by John “Woody” WoodringFrom: Professional Publishing ServicesISBN: 0-9765700-0-9

Sylva North Carolina resident and author, John “Woody” Woodring, has written one of the most insightful books on the criminal mind. A senior at Western Carolina University and an alumnus of Southwestern Community College was inspired by his own experiences to contact some of the nation’s most infamous criminals. The Convict Speaks offers a first time intimate look into several true crime stories that have had movies made from them. The author removes the Hollywood spin from the stories and allows the reader to hear the story from the perpetrators of the actual crime and their co-conspirators.This book is a major pioneering addition to the psychological literature on the criminal mind. In sharp contrast to the many books that analyze these criminals, The Convict Speaks allows the reader to come to his or her own conclusions about what drove these people to commit the unspeakable crimes that they have found themselves convicted of. Inside The Convict Speaks, the reader will find astonishing transcribed, uncensored, unedited letters from the convicted themselves. The letters are like no others. There is some information inside The Convict Speaks that has never been uncovered until now. This true crime must read allows the reader to sit on his or her own jury.MORE: To purchase your copy, please visit or contact the publisher directly at 828-293-9122.

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