Montford Park Players Announces 2005 Summer Season

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Montford Park Players Announces 2005 Summer Season The Montford Park Players, North Carolina’s Longest Running Shakespeare Festival, is pleased to announce that its 33rd summer season will feature the return of Hazel Robinson after a five-year absence, directing Shakespeare’s most patriotic play Henry V, and the delightful misadventures of not one, but TWO sets of identical twins in The Comedy of Errors, directed by C. J. Breland, noted Asheville drama teacher and director. Henry V is a celebration of national glory, with Henry as a truly heroic warrior prince, vanquishing the French at the Battle of Agincourt. The play features Dan Dutterer in the title role of the young king, hastily matured and newly enthroned, beloved by his soldiers yet beset by traitors, and determined forever to ensure his claim to England’s throne. In The Comedy of Errors, pandemonium ensues when two sets of twins, separated in a shipwreck when babies, meet up twenty five years later in the town of Ephesus. Mistaken identities create farcical confusion in one of Shakespeare’s most hysterical comedies. The Comedy of Errors is Shakespeare’s first comedy, and definitely one of his funniest. It’s a very physical show, and is much different from Shakespeare’s other plays because of its farcical structure. The comedy is fast and furious, and the complex (yet easy to follow) plot gets wilder and wilder. Henry V will be presented each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June 3 through June 26. The Comedy of Errors will open July 8, and will run through July 31. All performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Hazel Robinson Amphitheatre. For more information call 254-5146, email us at or visit our website at